The information that are shared by the User during purchasing transaction through “” and that may be defined as personal data pursuant to the Law on Protection of Personal Data no. 6698 shall be collected, stored and processed by “” of “PROJEBIR ZEYNEP MURSALOĞLU ŞEKERALP PARTNERSHIP” company according to the Privacy Policy  and Protection of Personal Data and Cookie Policy for the performance of liabilities identified with this Policy on Privacy and Protection of Personal Data (“Policy”), conduction of implementations required for operating “”, performing payment transactions, delivering orders, performing customer services and complaint tracking transactions, all kinds of electronic communication, profiling, statistical studies for sales, marketing and similar purposes.

On our website, you can find information on what kind of personal data, how they are collected and how they are stored and protected on this “Policy” text. You hereby accept the terms given in this Policy by visiting this “” website and by requesting to make use of the services provided on the website. You can feel yourself secure while using “”. However, please note that no system is completely secure. Even if we take all required steps to protect your data, it is possible to be out of the security. Therefore, we would like to remind you that you need to be very careful while sharing your personal data.

Processing of the data sent by you without the request of the Company apart from the data requested by the Company shall not deemed personal data processed by the Company within the scope of this Policy. Therefore, we strongly warn you that you should not share your voice, images and other personal data that is not requested by the Company, including but not limited to those given, through a message via email or any other communication channel.

Use and Protection of Information


Projebir Zeynep Mursaloğlu Şekeralp Partnership requests your personal information such as name, surname, email, phone, TR Identity number during the purchase transaction to provide a better service to its customers through “”.  “” analyzes and construes the visitor actions and preferences that it tracks during the use of website. This statistical nonpersonal data is used for providing a better service to the visitors. It shall not share the information collected from the purchase orders with third persons without notifying the relevant customer or unless otherwise specified, and not use or sell for commercial purposes for any reason other than its activity. This information can spread on internet due to those including but not limited to computer viruses, trojans and similar malicious software that may be exposed due to accessing the website and can be received and used by unauthorized persons. “” has no legal and criminal liability for this use and the damages that will arise out of the use. The users hereby accept, declare and undertake in advance that they will not make any request or claim, regardless of the name, from PROJEBIR due to the above-mentioned damages.

The collected information shall be stored in a nonpublic, secured environment. Information given to our website for the purpose of purchasing products, as well as confidential information about credit cards and debit cards, shall not be viewed by other internet users. However, in any case, the User is liable for using his/her credit card in a secured way. PROJEBIR is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage that may arise due to noncompliance with the agreement, tortious act or any other reasons.


Purpose of Processing Information and Personal Data Processing

They shall be kept by taking measures for privacy in accordance with the Law on processing of personal data. You can contact us with the contact details below for your questions regarding the Confidentiality Agreement.



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