All rights of “www.projebir.com” (“Site”) belong to “PROJEBIR ZEYNEP MURSALOĞLU ŞEKERALP PARTNERSHIP” and use of the Site by the Users and Customers is subject to the terms and conditions below. Before using our website, we kindly request you to read “Terms of Use” carefully. PROJEBIR can make changes in this agreement any time and these changes shall come into force immediately once the amended agreement is published on the site. You hereby accept to review the agreement periodically for the purpose of being informed about these changes and your ongoing access to the site and your ongoing use of the site will be considered as you have implicitly accepted the amended agreement.

You hereby accept to be subject to the terms and conditions given below by accessing to or using the site. If you do not want to be subject to these terms and conditions, you may not access to or use the site. However, if you start to make such use, you must discontinue the use immediately.

Including the Terms of Use, PROJEBIR reserves the right to change the services, ideas and art works offered within the scope of Site and Site extension, any information or data given in the Site without any prior warning or notice; to suspend publishing of the Site, to discontinue publishing of the Site and to rearrange the Site comprehensively. The changes that PROJEBIR will make on the Terms of Use of the Site will come into effect upon their publication on the Site and these changes are deemed to have been accepted by the user by entering, accessing or using the Site in any way.

You hereby declare that you are over the age of 18, you have read the agreement and you have accepted the terms of agreement by using our website and shopping.

All customers and visitors (“User) who enter the Site, visit the Site and use in any way, access and/or connect to the Site in any other way declare, accept and undertake in advance that they will follow the Terms of Use of the  Site “www.projebir.com” arranged on this page. The expression of “User” stated above refers to any person who enters the Site, uses and reviews the Site or connects to the Site through a computer or has made or is making electronic data exchange on the Site.

Content of Service:

The service offered by PROJEBIR ZEYNEP MURSALOĞLU ŞEKERALP PARTNERSHIP is the delivery of products that are offered for sale on “projebir.com” after that their price is paid by the User. “www.projebir.com” reserves the right to make change in the products and service prices offered in its website. The company undertakes that these services will be used without technical failures.

General Terms and Conditions:

PROJEBIR checks the accuracy and up-to-datedness of the existing information on the Site consistently. However, it must be considered by the Users that this information may not be up-to-date at all times.

All kinds of registered or unregistered intellectual property right (voices, information, texts, images in the Site, brands, logos, design, trade dress, icons, visual or audio symbols, video clips, designs, catalogues, files, lists, data, codes, slogans and other signs, page layout, etc. of “www.projebir.com”) of the Site are solely in possession of PROJEBIR ZEYNEP MURSALOĞLU ŞEKERALP PARTNERSHIP. The User/Customer shall not use, share, distribute, exhibit, reproduce, copy, publish the intellectual and industrial property rights subject to property of the Company and shall not create their derivative works without written consent of PROJEBIR. The User shall not use the whole or a part of the Site in any other media without written consent of PROJEBIR. Utilizing the services on the site does not grant users any rights over intellectual property rights. In case the users act in a way that violates the intellectual and industrial property rights of the third persons or PROJEBIR, the User will be exposed to legal and criminal sanction and is liable for compensate all direct and indirect damages as well as expenses of PROJEBIR and/or the relevant third person.

The User is liable for using the credit card in a secured way. PROJEBIR is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage that may arise in consequence of noncompliance to agreement, tortious act or any other reasons.

PROJEBIR has the right to discontinue publishing the Site, to change its content due to a force majeure or at its sole discretion and assessment.

The Users are liable to act according to the general ethics and morals, all domestic and international laws and regulations in force, communication and internet security while using the Site. All kinds of expressions, comments, texts, pictures, images and all other information and documents that the Users will add to the Site must have a content and manner in accordance with the general ethics and morals as well as the related domestic and international legislation.

Any action and transaction that may lead to damage in software and hardware systems of the Site, that may affect its operation in a negative way or lead to slowdown is forbidden. The mentioned prohibition also includes making more than one query or opening membership registration using automatic programs or software or sending many requests or information to the Site through the automatic methods.

PROJEBIR reserves its right to take all kinds of security measures including the blocking of access to the Site by the Users who act against the Terms of Use of the Site and the rules mentioned above and to initiate legal proceedings against those who violate, if necessary.

PROJEBIR has no legal or criminal responsibility regarding any and all direct and indirect damages and/or loss that the Users or other third persons may be imposed due to any reasons, including but not limited to the use of the Site, use of the data and information given or provided on the Site, behaviors made on the basis of this data and information or any kinds of computer viruses, trojans and similar malware that can be exposed due to the access to the Site. The Users accept, declare, and undertake in advance that they will not make any request or claim, regardless of the name, from PROJEBIR due to the damages mentioned above.

In case any provision of these Terms of Use is deemed by any competent court, arbitral tribunal, or administrative authority to be wholly or partially invalid or unenforceable or unreasonable, these Terms of Use will be accepted as severable and the other provisions will remain being in force fully to the extent of such invalidity, nonenforcement or unreasonableness.

Protection of Personal Data and Data Sharing:

The information that is shared by the User at the time of purchase through “www.projebir.com” and that may be defined as personal data pursuant to the Law on Protection of Personal Data no. 6698 are collected, stored and processed by “www.projebir.com” of “PROJEBIR ZEYNEP MURSALOĞLU ŞEKERALP PARTNERSHIP” for the purpose of performance of liabilities identified with these Terms of Use, conducting the implementations required for the operation of “www.projebir.com”, making payment transactions, delivering the orders, making customer services and customer tracking transactions, all kinds of electronic communication, profiling, statistical studies for sales, marketing and similar purposes in accordance with the Policy on Privacy and Protection of Personal Data and Cookie Policy.

“PROJEBIR ZEYNEP MURSALOĞLU ŞEKERALP PARNERSHIP” hereby states that it will not share personal (confidential) information such as name, surname, address, phone number, email address that are obtained from the users on “projebir.com” with the 3rd persons without approval of the users.

The Company will process personal data provided  by the Users and new data created by the Company using this personal data in order for the users to make use of the Site uninterruptedly, providing and improving the services related to the Site, carrying out the purposes of personal data usage regulated by this Policy and Agreement as well as these purposes, making identity authentication regarding accuracy of the information shared by the users at the time of purchase, ensuring data security of the User, providing coordination among the departments of the Company in terms of continuity of Services, providing uninterrupted customer support and technical support, creating statistical data from the User’s data in order to provide and develop Services for the Company and its business partners, fulfilling the liabilities arising from the laws and regulations of the Company and preventing the current or potential legal disputes.

To get more information, you can access to Policy on Privacy and Protection of Personal Data and Cookie Policy on “projebir.com” here.

 “www.projebir.com” will be able to share the information kept by the User with the relevant authorities upon the request of authorized authorities pursuant to the legal legislation in force.

The User hereby accepts and declares that his/her personal data is collected, stored and processed by “www.projebir.com” in this way. “www.projebir.com” will take all kinds of measures required for storing the relevant personal data in a secured way, preventing unauthorized accesses and unlawful data processing. The User has right to use his/her own rights on the personal data and to make change and update on this data any time.

Force Majeure:

If employer-employee disputes, cyber-attacks, communication problems, infrastructure and internet failures, amelioration or renewal works related to the system and failures that will occur due to these reasons, power cut, fire, explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, immigration, epidemics or any other natural disaster or other cases that occur out of control of “project.com”, not generated due to its fault and not stipulated reasonably, including insurrection, embargo, government intervention, riot, occupation, war, mobilization, strike, lockout, labor actions or boycotts (“Force Majeure”) prevent or impede “www.projebir.com” from performing its liabilities arising out of these Terms of Use, “www.projebir.com” shall not be kept responsible for the liabilities of which the performance is prevented or impeded as a result of Force Majeure and this shall not be considered as a violation of these Terms of Use.

Applicable Law and Settlement of Disputes:

For the settlement of any disputes in the implementation and/or interpretation of this Agreement, Istanbul Merkez (Çağlayan) Courts and Execution Offices shall have jurisdiction.



Evidential Contract:

Vendor and “p  rojebir.com” records shall constitute conclusive evidence in settlement of any disputes that may arise out of this Agreement and/or its implementation. This article has a nature of evidential contract in terms of article 193 of Code of Civil Procedure.