About Us

Projebir is an everyday jewelry brand with an architectural and contemporary attitude based in Istanbul.

Zeynep Mursaloğlu Şekeralp, founder and creative director of Projebir, studied Textile and Fashion at Mimar Sinan University in Istanbul, obtained her master's degree from the Polimoda Fashion School in Florence, and worked as a freelance fashion designer in London. She later worked for several years as a fashion designer while also studying in the Design Culture and Management Program at Bilgi University.

As the textile fashion industry began to focus on faster and more consumable designs that lasted only months, Zeynep's desire to create designs that would sustain their appeal and endure grew. The only accessory she wore was a 60-year-old gold watch that had belonged to her father. He wore it while tending their garden, cooking, or going to a stylish party. Even after half a century, the robust design combined with the timeless material of gold made it the perfect everyday accessory. Even the scratches on its surface contributed to its value.
Projebir was founded in 2012 in search of unique and timeless everyday jewelry pieces. Each piece is inspired by Zeynep's childhood memories, with consideration given to novelty, refinement, and a contemporary attitude. Each piece is worn and tested for several months before launch to ensure it perfectly represents the initial idea and is comfortable for the wearer.

Projebir has been sold in Istanbul's most prestigious spots. The brand is favored by creative insiders in the industry and is mostly known for its signet rings with a refined design language and initial necklaces.

Projebir jewelry is made of 14k gold with diamonds and other precious stones, handcrafted in Istanbul.